Erectile Dysfunction

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is commonly referred as impotence. Erectile dysfunction is the permanent disability to get or maintain erection hard and long enough to complete a sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is the concluded inability to have erection. Or sometimes the ability to have short term erections.
What causes an erection?
Erection is usually caused by mental stimulation or sensory. When the brain feels the stimulation the message is passed to nerves and muscles around the two chambers that causes relaxation. Inducing pressure in the chambers makes the penis expand. After the contraction of penis muscles, outflow channels for blood are open and penis goes back to its normal condition.
Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men. It usually occurs at the age of 40 or above. This problem has now become a very common problem and it is an increasing problem too. People are now ready to speak about this problem. One of the reasons, why men are now ready to make their erectile dysfunction problems public is the wide range of medications and devices developed for the treatment of this problem.
Most common reason for ED problem is caused by diseases, side effects of drugs, injuries, unhygienic and unhealthy lifestyle, impairment of blood flow in penile area. There are many other reasons for Erectile dysfunction, though we do not have ED problem every men should know what is it and how does it occur. In the future post you will see more about erectile dysfunction.


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